What is the RSU?


We are a democratic group. Everyone who advocates an anti-capitalist stance is welcome to vote, make motions and otherwise help steer the RSU's campaigns. But voting, as we know, is not enough to make a democracy and allow voices to be heard. We also place prime importance on empowering oppressed person's decisions.


Member of our organization know that Capitalism is intrinsically exploitative and recklessly self-destructive system that was built by the rich, and for the rich. Its institutions encourage the worst in people and divides us any way it can to more thoroughly brutalizes us.


Our organization is non-tendency. This means that means your welcome if you are Communist, Anarchist, socialist, unidentified, or any other freedom fighter, if you are anti-capitalist you can help build that vision with us.


The solution to the problems of capitalism ultimately do not not come in the shape of reform. The political institutions that regulate our social relations are built on a foundation whose core of the dictatorship of capital. Our strategies a built with knowledge of antagonism between us and that system, which ultimately must be unseated.


10th Annual SDS National Convention
Starts: 12:00 am    |   Location: Milwaukee, WI
Description: On the weekend of October 10th and 11th, Students for a Democratic Society will be holding our tenth National Convention in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Weekly Meeting
Starts: 7:00 pm    |   Location: SLCC South Campus, South State Street, Salt Lake City, UT, United States
Description: Room 2-182




The Revolutionary Students Union, in association with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), is committed to campaigning to stop the bogus imprisonment of Rasmea Odeh.

Rasmea Odeh is a 67 year old Palestinian American community leader who was tortured by the Israelis in 1969.
Organizers of the nationwide effort to get justice for longtime Palestinian American leader Rasmea Odeh are urging an all-out mobilization for Odeh’s sentencing in Detroit Federal Court on the morning of March 12. Odeh is facing deportation and up to ten years in jail on a trumped-up immigration charge.
Though Rasmea has been unjustly convicted, her struggle is far from over.
  • Is being railroaded by a Zionist Judge who refuses recuse himself
  • In an unprecedented move, banned solidarity rallies in front of the court house on the pretense "witness tampering"
  • Has been banned from testifying about the various torture she endured by the Israeli court
  • She has been placed in Solitary Confinement in Retaliation for her self-defense 
In summation: The court case is show trial manufactured to punish Palestinian activists, women, and usher in a new era of attacking those who would support countries fighting liberation against imperialist powers. Rasmea needs our help!



 The Revolutionary Students Union stands against the oppression committed against transgendered and other persons on the gender spectrum in the state of Utah.

Stand For Queer Lives is a group that aims to prevent LGBTQ suicide by empowering queer youth and queer POC to participate in their own liberation through activism, advocacy, and education. Currently, our focus involves the local struggle to get public accommodations for transgender people in Salt Lake City and fighting to demand Justice for the many transgender people murdered in 2015.
Please join us Fridays 7pm at Mestizo Coffeehouse.















The Revolutionary Students Union, in association with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), is committed to providing education for all student aged children in the United States.

Education for all is a national campaign initiated by the Students for a Democratic Society. Education For All is a campaign to win equal access to education for undocumented people nationally.
Our aim is to create a student led movement to change this law and create a meaningful improvement for the undocumented people of Utah. If we win this we will be following in the footstep of our comrades around the country who organized grassroots struggle and won.
We have support among most SLCC staff, and clubs in this endeavor and intend to form a broad campaign among those most affected by this injustice. Join us on campus and in the streets as we take action to create a change!
  • We demand that all state-run colleges stand with undocumented students.
  • We demand all college administration stand with undocumented students.
  • We will fight for our demands through creating a mass student movement capable of pressuring all responsible officials.

HB 144 prohibits public institutions from giving funding to undocumented people. We will change this law with a popular campaign built around the demands of the most oppressed by these laws.


The Revolutionary Students Union is affiliated with Students for a Democratic Society (SDS)

In 2013, the RSU affiliated with the SDS as a chapter in good standing and regularly participates in it nationwide campaigns in addition to its own statewide initiatives.  

The new SDS was born on January 16, 2006, Martin Luther King Jr. Day. A group of high school and college students, seeing the pressing need for a broad based group to unite fractured local student groups, worked with members of the old SDS to re-launch the organization. They issued a press release calling for a new generation of SDS to build a radical multi-issue organization grounded in the principle of participatory democracy. Since then, the new SDS has grown to over 150 chapters around the country, winning victories for over 11 years!

Click here if you want to start or find your own SDS in your community.



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